Owl of Minerva
Owl of Minerva

Owl of Minerva

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Handmade, One of a Kind, Ready to Ship

Materials: Owl Cameo, sterling silver, brass, 22k gold filled chain, 14 GF clasp 

Length: 20” chain + 2” pendant (larger pendant)

(22” total; If you prefer a different chain length, email the preferred length to sara@saraliberto.com) 


Minerva: In the Roman Empire she was considered the protector of crafts and trades. Later, Minerva was equated with the goddess Athena. This protected the poets and teachers. Thus, Minerva became the goddess of wisdom, of art, and the guardian of knowledge.

Anyone who is in search of bliss and peace will find their vocation with the Minerva Order. Because here the desired virtues can be lived by, here everyone finds peace and can identify with the beautiful things in life.

(Fun fact: Tao + Hawk Collection founder and maker, Sara, is a member of the Minerva Order.) 


“When philosophy paints its grey in grey, then has a shape of life grown old. The owl of Minerva spreads its wings only with the coming of the dusk.” —G. W. F. Hegel