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You’ve got that right— a smoky quartz version of the most beloved earring in the collection: the Mila. And to add to the excitement, we’ve named it after our most beloved jewelry lover and international makeup artist, Mel Thompson. Mel absolutely loves the combination of gold and gunmetal/charcoal so we thought it would only be cosmically correct to honor her by naming this gorgeous, stunning earring after her. 

Not to worry because it comes in a necklace as well: “Mel Necklace” 

Smoky quartz is known for its power and grounding affects. When life throws you shade, throw it right back with these smoky quartz crystals. For centuries, it has been known as the stone of power.


Raw Smoky Quartz

18k gold chain (plated) 

14k gold filled hooks

Weight: 3 grams per earring

Length: 8 cm/ 3.25 inches

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