Tao + Hawk Collection is a handmade jewelry concept which honors the Earth and is inspired by the natural rhythm of being.

Our philosophy is to celebrate and participate in beauty while remaining connected to our natural environment.

Our roots began in a tiny studio in the heart of colorful Hillsboro Village of Nashville, TN. Each piece of jewelry is designed, hand-cut, hammered, and finished by Sara Liberto. She begins with original sketches then transfers them by pen onto sheets of metal, and using an array of hand tools, she creates and finishes each piece of jewelry. Every piece is made to order and is thus unique unto itself. Because our jewelry is made to order, please allow up to 14 business days for your order to arrive. 

While design and creative arts are original loves for Sara, she left fashion design college to pursue a long academic career earning degrees in psychology, philosophy and religion, and consciousness studies. She draws inspiration from nature, human beings, and the depths of human experience, all of which she believes is reflected in each piece of jewelry.

There is a subtle transformation inside of us when we wear jewelry. Certain pieces conjure strength and confidence while others invite a sense of peace or beauty. It is precisely that inner-to-outer dialogue that she is aiming for with each design.


Thank you for supporting local artists and makers. When you buy from a maker you are saying yes to dreams, courage, and creativity.



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