Woman Symbol Earrings
Woman Symbol Earrings

Woman Symbol Earrings

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A woman is something we become — it’s an embodiment of inner knowing that evolves with time and experience.

My existence as a woman is determined by my own soul, nor by being juxtaposed or constrained to external ideas or demands of what my sex shall or shall not be. 

Becoming a woman, I have found, is a process of shedding patriarchal, familial, and societal expectations of what my role, value, or worth is. Systems, societies, and ideologies do not determine such a great value that which is, “what it means to be a woman” — only a woman can establish herself for who and what she is or shall become. 

Being a woman is knowing and feeling the interconnectedness and sacredness of everything in life and understanding our role in this sacred web of creation. Everything is alive and radically connected, a womb. Being a woman means knowing that we are all here dancing to the song of life together, alongside one another, and we each da certain to a unique melody. 

Being a woman is a fullness of being. It is an entire harmony of the spheres. 
— Sara Liberto

Woman Symbol Earrings

Brass or Sterling Silver 

Very lightweight, 3 grams per earring (For a reference, the U.S. nickel weighs 5g) 

14k gold filled ear hooks or Sterling Silver ear hooks